I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve sent one of these out. As I’m sure
is the case with many of you, our house has been down sick off and on for
the past few weeks. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the
tunnel. Here are a few updates and reminders:

WEBELOS 1 & 2 – You are invited to attend the Klondike Derby with the Boy
Scout Troop THIS WEEKEND (January 13-15). The cost is $25/scout and
$15/adult. If you are planning on camping, here is a link to the
registration page: http://www.buckeyecouncil.org/Event.aspx?id=3997

The Pinewood Derby is in less than 2 weeks (January 22). If you still need
to buy a car, we will have them available for purchase for $5 at tonight’s
meeting and at next Monday’s meeting. They are also available at the Scout
Store. If you need help cutting or sanding your car, Brent will have tools
available at the meeting tonight and I believe also next week. If you still
need to register for the Derby, here is the registration link:

The Blue and Gold Banquet/Crossover will be February 25th at the church.
Please sign up as soon as possible. Here is the link:

I will be updating the Pack Calendar on our website tonight. The website is

I hope to see you all tonight!